In the middle of the road

When you are in the middle of your long march, or long run, what is going on in your mind?

When you are in the middle of your challenge and tough project, how do you feel?

When you start your New Year’s plans many times, what is happening with you in the middle of the year?

We all feel the struggles, the tough challenges we face in the middle of our destinations. The middle road is the period that tests our endurance and grit.

I remember my grandma told me that donkeys are bland-folded when they are milling rice or wheat to prevent them distracted and to increase their focus working.

Sometimes, we need “blindfold” ourselves not to be distracted by social network etc. This is especially important when we are in the middle of the road.

We need focus.

We need endurance.

We need hanging on there a little bit more, a little bit more…

Do you remember that when you workout hard in the gym, your muscles are aching, you are sweating, you body is shaking…

Then you come back to the gym again, again, day after day.

Days turn into months, then years.

You get a good body, a good health and good spirit.

If you have stopped after three days, you will not make a big change to your body, mind and your spirit for long run.

Your reputation creates your habits. Your habits create You over time.

When you have a goal in mind. It calls your determination. It calls your tough mindset. The most important thing is that it calls you to create your New habits.

To create your New habits, you need have a new imagine in mind. And then work towards to the imagine until you become it.

You are I the middle of the road, look the imagine you have had in mind, walk towards it without distraction, one step at a time, one day a time, 1% better a time, you will get through it.

Forget your personality test result now

You are ambitious and want to move forward with your career.

You want to know yourself better, what kind of person you are. You take personality test. The test result states what kind of person you are from different aspects.

Many people trust their personality test results and believe that who they are. Therefore they follow that person described from the test to do things, communicate with others and live their lives.

Now, I want you to forget your personality test result.

I want you find a quiet moment and ask the internal you: what do you want in 2020? What makes you excited? What makes you getting up from the bed every day? What keeps you going even when you feel like quitting? What are the drives?

What do you see yourself look like that gives you joy in 2020?

What do you wear that makes you feel energized in 2020?

Whom are you with that makes you feel inspired in 2020?

Where will you be in 2020 that makes you feel at home?

Put all your answers together you will create a new you. A new you with different personality in 2020 will have a new identity, therefore a new personality.

Researchers have shown that every ten years you can change into a totally different person. Your personality will shift different in six months. It could be sooner if there is dramatic changes occurred to your life, such as sudden life change, job change, live environment changes etc.

Your personality is a moving target.

You don’t need to stick with your current personality. You can create a new personality. You are in charge of your identity.

So the action is:

1) answer all the questions above.

2) create a new identity for yourself for 2020.

3) make a daily practice to create a new you!

All the best for 2020!

You do not need build up your confidence

To have confidence is a good feeling. To be confident you may need go through a tough journey and do some hard-work.

When I was recruited as an executive to a company I knew little, I took the chance. I remember that I was commented as an fit leader because I came from a different industry and I was not an expert for the industrial content matter not very long into my role.

I sure felt like my stomach punched at that time. I feel I had the moment of the emperor from the Emperor’s New Cloth. I was naked, totally exposed and vulnerable.

However, I also felt the relieve that I do not to pretend I knew everything. I can felt that my ego was run away hiding some where.

So I openly acknowledged that and asked their help to build a stronger company together. It took a while to build trust and bonding with my former colleagues. But the experience has strengthened my confidence through vulnerability.

To build up your confidence is actually a wrong statement.

Everyone has the confidence.

What keeps us from doing the things we want to do, we get to do, we love to do is our willingness to put us out there, to experience our vulnerable moments, to be human.

As human, we all make mistakes, do silly things from time to time. It is our sympathy towards to ourself set us free. We give ourself second, third, fourth… chance to do things right. We learn from our experience. This is how confidence is progressing.

Confidence is a journey you take.

Confidence is a choice you make.

You have confidence in you when you were born. It waits there for you to discover it and re-discover it all the time. Confidence is your life long companion.

set yourself free

When people say you are not qualified doing what you are doing, which is what you love to do, what would be you reaction?

Do you wonder if you have done things right? Do you doubt about what you do?

I had those moments of doubting and worrying. It felt awful. I felt not myself. I could not direct me to focus on other more important things for a while.


Some one said to me: “your life’s quality is decided by your courage, not by your fear.” We only have one life, live it without regret, live it fully.

I took one step to live for myself by redirecting to the question to myself: is this what I want?

By asking this question, I can feel my body’s reaction. If it feels free, feels specious, feels growing, then I will go for it. And it sets me free, I am a happy person.

Believe in yourself.

Set yourself free.

Live your happy life.

Sing a song

You sing songs.

Songs have high, low, plat notes, and pauses. The combinations of these elements make a song so beautiful, so touching, so memorable…

our life just like a song.

Success, failure, struggles in between, happiness, sadness, boring… all of these are notes in your music.

Even when we feel our life is on hold, it is just like a pause in a song.

They all will come and pass.

And the combination of all of the moments in your life creates the songs in your life. It is your choice how to make each song in your life. It is your decision how to sing each song.

Ups and downs

We have ups and downs in life. This is normal. And these ups and downs are temporary.

Even though when we are at the down turn, it feels painful, like forever, and this all will pass.

It is key for us to keep leveled during these turns and waves. We need to live our life. If we look forward down the road in five, ten years of time, we know the down turns should be all passed and over by then.

The difficulty is to keep looking forward without being buried in the setbacks. To keep a promising mind, a positive altitude, and curiosity towards to life,

Difficulties, setbacks and shall be passed. They are temporary.

A success is temporary, just like failure.

Our life is forever, as long as we live.

Enjoy both ups and downs.

Your best friend

Who was your best friend?

Who is your best friend?


Period. For both questions.

We very often are very critical to ourselves. We are our own the worst enemy.

We talk to ourselves by telling us that we are not good enough, we do wrong things, we are not good looking…

Those small self talks make us small, drag us down, negate our energy.

It is critical for you to catch those negative self talk moments. And turn the thinking around by asking am I judging myself unfairly? Am I comparing my down moments with someone’s strength?

Do I live for my values or live according to other’s view?

Do I make myself a better me than yesterday? Yes, you are right! This is the only question you should ask yourself daily.

Treat yourself as your best friend: talk to her daily by reflection, affirmation and visualization.