Focus on contribution makes an effective you as a person, it also makes a CEO runs an effective company.

The key to focus is the concentration.

You will need concentrate to be able to deliver and contribute.

You can build blocks of time focusing on particular topic, project of your priority. During these blocks, turn off your phone, close your email alerts, close your office door. Get yourself clear from noise and be effective.

With the increased constant disruption, concentration is the way leading to your focus, your effectiveness.


Know yourself

Know yourself is the first key step to become more effective, more mature, and gain more emotional and social intelligence.

To know yourself, you can try the two areas first:

  1. Learn and know your inclination and propensity of doing things. Notice those things you can do without “too much effort”, those things that seem coming to you naturally. These are likely your borne talent, strength.
  1. Loosen and stretch your mind muscle. Your mind is made of muscle. To grow your mind grow, you need soften and loosen it. In reality, you do not need to form any judgement quickly. Take your time and consider a wide range of possibilities before forming a judgement.

I have noticed that I form my opinion quickly very often. Study has shown that many of us do this all the time to seek for internal safety. This is also called negative capability, which means we are all capable to do this.

This negative capability is actually an advantage for our development. Be aware of your negative capability when it happens, observe it, and it can open other possibility – for us. It provide us the opportunity to consider other wide range of possibilities.

Practice your mind for reflection, observation, and reflection, think, re-think what happens to you.

This can make your mind flow, become more fluid, and prepare your mind for all possibility.

You know this: Chance only favors the prepared minds.

Know yourself first is to know others better.

What is your story?

When you went through a difficult time, encountered frustrations, did you notice what’s going on with your thinking? Did you tell yourself a story? Did you make some statement, assertions, which you were not sure they were true or false?

I caught myself telling me that how others were wrong, how I was misunderstood, how was unfair for me…

when I came to my sense, I realized that many of the thinking was my assumption, biased views, out of self-pity and self-insecurity.

My story was not helpful.

It did not help me to get over the unpleasant situations. It did not empower me to find a solution for the situation. It did not activate me to see the situation from other angles.

Therefore, next time something bad happens, don’t dwell on how unfair it feels. Or unjust. Or poorly-timed. Don’t dwell on what you’ve lost. 

You can’t control what happened.

However, you can tell yourself a different story. And you can control how you respond. 

You can do this by noticing the moment of self story telling, and pay attention what kind of story you are telling yourself.

Make sure you are telling yourself a useful story that can energize you, can open your mind and set you free.

Put your energy into controlling how the story you someday tell yourself. And watch how the story turns out.

Focus on contribution

Whoever is working, no matter for herself or for somebody else or for an organization, she has to contribute her share of responsibility. This is the way showing your presence and your value.

Focus on contribution is the way for anyone to grow, to discover her potential, to have her impact in her cycle, community, society.

Focus on contribution is an essential element for any top management, any executive, any business owner, anyone self-employed.

Focus on contribution means you take responsibility for results. It means that you are accountable for the performance.

Anyone focusing on contribution has a growth mind.

Anyone who does not ask herself, “What can I contribute?” are not only likely to aim too low, she is likely to aim at the wrong things. 

Commitment to contribution is the commitment to responsible effectiveness.

You can ask yourself from time to time, “What can I and no one else do which, if done really well, would make a real difference to this situation or office or company?”

This will change the way how can you approach the situation, office, or company. You focus on contribution. You will become more effective.

Be a good person first

To be a successful person, to run a successful business, the first thing is to be a good person.

A good person is someone ethical – with integrity, kindness, and accountability first.

A person with ethics is someone trustworthy.

She admits her mistakes and knows her strength.

She commits to her promises with heart and sweats.

She simplifies things and is generous to give others her time, energy.

She is kind to make things clear to others, including her critics and compliments. This is kind in action.

Be a good person, you will attract other good people. Your good deeds will spill over to your life and career. A good life and good career are the consequences of being a good person.

Take a back seat

Sometimes taking a back seat is showing your leadership.

In this case, you fully trust the driver, because you give your permission to let the driver leading the road. And you give your safety to the driver’s hand.

You give your permission to allow the driver making mistakes on the way as well. In an another way, you give your leadership to the driver.

A leader is someone to create leaders.

Taking a back seat is supportive and brave.

A leader

You are a leader. I am a leader. We are all leaders one way or another.

A leader is someone brave, ploughing ahead with sweats and blood facing challenges.

A leader is someone tough, stoic and resilient, gets up and keeps going after falling down and failures.

A leader is someone vulnerable, not hiding her struggles and hurts.

A leader is someone sympathetic, opening her hands and hearts to accept others.

A leader is someone listening and watching others quietly, being there for them when need.

A leader is not someone who creates followers. A leader is someone who creates more leaders.

Leading is an act of generosity.

Leading is an act of kind.

Leading is an act for personal mastery.