Thinking makes all the difference

I gave a presentation to an international group today.

I felt terrible after the presentation. Because I prepared in English and I realized I needed to give it in Chinese.

I was struggling in find the suitable Chinese phrases during my talk and felt I was not best of myself…

When the event was over, we had business matchmaking session. I found people talking to me with curiosity and respect. I did not find any trace of blaming me not doing a good job for my presentation. I actually had great time to making connections with attendees.

What a relieve!

This sounds familiar?

There is no things so bad or so wrong in our lives. It is the thinking makes so.


Growing is painful

The best memory very often is the one we had setback, difficulty, failure, or hurt.

And it is also during these periods that we grow in a hurry – when you look back in a ten years of time.

I invited an old friend to give a presentation about his research to my teams. He not only gave us his research, but also his philosophy on how to live your best life.

He said that money is not the most important thing in one’s life. It’s the freedom to do what you love to do and a good health you have. He got this conclusion after his ten years of struggle and learning.

We sometimes go a long way to move forward for a short distance. However, that the price we need to pay. That is the pain we need to experience.

Growing is painful, yet it is a journey no one can replace for you. And the reward is huge.

No super you

You have a Ph.D degree. You have a MBA degree.

Obviously, you have mastered more knowledge in many ways. You may be assigned to an important position: profession, director. You are the boss to many people.

You give directions, you help other’s to do better at work. You may boss around others.


You are only as good as your team.

You are not a super person to do everything, to be everything. You success are depending on your team’s success.

Build up a better team, this is where you need to put your energy and effort on.

Sensible is glue

You are not happy about colleague A who bad mouthed you behind your back.

When you talked to colleague B, you almost mentioned how terrible A was… suddenly you realize if you do this, you are no difference from A. You know that gossips at work are killers for trust, killers for productivity.

You are a sensible person.

We need more sensible people at work to build better relationships.

Sensible in action is reflection of professionalism.

Sensible is glue at work, at home and among friends.

Immersion program becomes popular

I know a number of Chinese friends who spoke Chinglish when they first arrived the North American countries in 1990s.

Because they learned English from their Chinese English teachers. They did not have experience to practice the English and did not know how to use it properly.

English immersion programs become very popular in China now. Students going to the programs have to use what they learn, because they have native speakers to talk to.

Learning if good, but enough. You have to use it.

Having insights are good. You have to test them and apply them to your action and life.

Learning by doing is a better way to master, develop what you.

Realize your vulnerability

You have all the passion and energy and dedication to make this project work. You work 12-16 hours a day for nine months…

One day, you suddenly broke down by just one loudly No from your colleague, your teammate. He said No to you when you demanded his action, and he commented that you are not capable of doing what you do in front of your team – 20 colleagues.

“How could he do this to me? He is supposed to be my loyal workmate.” You felt lost face, like an imposter, and felt humiliated by wrongful comments…

You wanted to know why.

After many conversations, dialogues, and a few sleepless weeks, you learned that it’s the fear of change brought your colleague’s rebel. It got little to do with you.

However, by being wrongly accused it somewhat made you feel that you no longer need to pretend to know everything any more. The ego you had is disappearing. You feel much more breathable, more freedom coming to your way.

You break free.

You don’t need to pretend to be something you are not.

You don’t need to live other’s life, begin to live truly.

You don’t need to worry making mistakes.

You have stretched and grown more.

Vulnerability makes you stronger, braver, more present.

Sh*t happens

You walk on the road with good mood. And you step on a pile of sh*t by accident.

What would be your reaction?

Will you curse the sh*t? Will you blame your bad luck? Will you be going mad about it?

You probably say No to all the questions. It’s just a pile of lifeless sh*i after all.

What about something unpleasant and dirty staff happened to you at work?

Well, sh*i happens!

Laugh at it, forget it, and move on.

You have so much fun in life than a pile of sh*t.