Do the job

My parents got a nanny through an agency one month ago. Her job is to cook meals, do cleaning and some daily chores.

My mom has been teaching her where things about, how things work in the house, and even how to cook meals.

One month has passed. The nanny went away for a few days for holidays.

My mom told me today earlier she needs a new nanny.

Because this nanny does not pay attention to what my mom tells her. She could not remember how to cook the same meal after my mom taught her and did with her three times.

It does not matter what job you do, a nanny, a nurse, or a CEO, you need do your job.

Do the job. Do it well.

Otherwise, you do not serve the value the job calls for. And you are not deserved the job title.

We deliver and give, in order to receive. This is how the reciprocity works.

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