Be a good person first

To be a successful person, to run a successful business, the first thing is to be a good person.

A good person is someone ethical – with integrity, kindness, and accountability first.

A person with ethics is someone trustworthy.

She admits her mistakes and knows her strength.

She commits to her promises with heart and sweats.

She simplifies things and is generous to give others her time, energy.

She is kind to make things clear to others, including her critics and compliments. This is kind in action.

Be a good person, you will attract other good people. Your good deeds will spill over to your life and career. A good life and good career are the consequences of being a good person.


Take a back seat

Sometimes taking a back seat is showing your leadership.

In this case, you fully trust the driver, because you give your permission to let the driver leading the road. And you give your safety to the driver’s hand.

You give your permission to allow the driver making mistakes on the way as well. In an another way, you give your leadership to the driver.

A leader is someone to create leaders.

Taking a back seat is supportive and brave.

A leader

You are a leader. I am a leader. We are all leaders one way or another.

A leader is someone brave, ploughing ahead with sweats and blood facing challenges.

A leader is someone tough, stoic and resilient, gets up and keeps going after falling down and failures.

A leader is someone vulnerable, not hiding her struggles and hurts.

A leader is someone sympathetic, opening her hands and hearts to accept others.

A leader is someone listening and watching others quietly, being there for them when need.

A leader is not someone who creates followers. A leader is someone who creates more leaders.

Leading is an act of generosity.

Leading is an act of kind.

Leading is an act for personal mastery.

The price for success

We want to do better, to be better, want to be successful.

We make goals, plans, draw our road maps, and figure out our passions.


Do you really set our mind for success?

If you do, have started your step one? Step two? Step three? … how long do you prepare to go to be successful?

Deciding and wanting is the key option for you to be really successful or not.

If you decide to be successful, then you get to decide to do whatever it takes to get there.

Someone said: “If you want success, figure out the price, then pay it.

If you want be successfully losing 20 pounds, figure out how much sweats you need, then do it.

If you want to run your own business, figure out what skills you need and hard work you get to do, then learn and do these.

If you want to have your boss’ position, figure out what skills you need to replace her, then learn and practice them.

There is no shortcut, but real work.

Metamorphosis in leadership

Leadership means you initiate, lead, and do things that may be no one dares to start yet.

Leadership means you need to connect, earn trust, lead the way without a clear roadmap, and be fearless while knowing the fear in you.

Leadership means that you are agile, empathetic, and willing to be in the shadow while your team is in the spotlight…

A leadership needs metamorphosis.

When talking about leadership in a digital world, Charlene Li said:

This metamorphosis is not easy, comfort, or painless – if your palms are not sweat and your stomach is not churning, you probably haven’t really practicing digital leadership.”

This is also applicable to leadership in any situation.

Leadership with metamorphosis means:

  1. Having a proactive approach
  2. Moving on from things she can’t control
  3. Embracing everything coming to her way and making the best out of it
  4. Living her life
  5. Calculating risks
  6. No gossip
  7. Kindness

Value is the focus for your life and business

We are born with values.

Values are the reasons why we exist, why we are whom we are, why we live our life, why we do what we do daily.

You are successful when you demonstrate a high value to the society, to your community, to others.

When you focus on express your values, you live a rich life, a colorful life, a magnetic life. You’ll be more connected, attractive and impactful to others.

The same principle applies to a business operation.

A business exists, because it has products and service people need. And value is the reason for those products and services to exist in the marketplace. Focusing on value can help your business sustainable. Every company is in business to fulfill a need, to provide a value – plain and simple.

Value is the focus of your life and your business.

Who is your competition?

If you are working in a corporate, who are you competition? Are other companies making similar products your competitors?

If you are writing a book, who are you competition? Are other authors writing similar books?

If you are a freelancer, self employed, who are you competition? Are other freelancers in the similar fields?

The real competition is yourself, your products.

The competition comes: do you have empathy towards your customers, do you have clear determination to walk forward facing challenges, do you want to fight “I’ll do it later” tendency, do you want to get up in the morning to do the hard work, or do you want to finish the reading and writing you get to do….

No matter what you do, you are valuable when you help other, when you produce something, when you do your physical or emotional labor. When you do, you will be competitive in your own way, unique way that has your label and your flavor.

Competition is a good thing. Competition gives you or your product a category, establishes your presence, gets you the recognition.

Competition is that we are entering into the same race, but we do it together. So we will need to open to each other. We learn from each other, we encourage each other, we are each other’s company on the way for a better future.

If you strive to do better, to be better, you are competitive.