Ups and downs

We have ups and downs in life. This is normal. And these ups and downs are temporary.

Even though when we are at the down turn, it feels painful, like forever, and this all will pass.

It is key for us to keep leveled during these turns and waves. We need to live our life. If we look forward down the road in five, ten years of time, we know the down turns should be all passed and over by then.

The difficulty is to keep looking forward without being buried in the setbacks. To keep a promising mind, a positive altitude, and curiosity towards to life,

Difficulties, setbacks and shall be passed. They are temporary.

A success is temporary, just like failure.

Our life is forever, as long as we live.

Enjoy both ups and downs.

Why do we read?

I like reading.

I read every day.

If I do not read for one day, my mind knows it. If I do not read for two days, my body knows it. If I do not read for three days, my husband knows it. If I do not read for four days, people working with me know it.

Read for me is a type of meditation. Reading is the time for me to recharge. Reading is the time I communicate with my mind.

Without reading, in the garden of mind weeds may start to grow. Reading keeps the weeds in my mind at the bay, and keeps my mind peaceful and cheerful.

Why do you read? What does reading make you feel?

We read to enrich our mind, body and soul.

A good book not only teaches us new knowledge, it also elicits our internal drives, potentials, and wants. A good book is a good friend, a coach, a resources that we can know more who we are.

Hanging on there a little bit more

When I started to run for 5K, it’s the last a few minutes to the finish line that called my ability to overcome the puffing and struggles of my legs and feet.

Once I was able to run 5K easily, it’s the last few minutes for 10K finishing line testing my will and ability…

It’s the last a few minutes where we stretch, grow and increase our new abilities. It’s the last a few minutes that test our will, test our ability to keep the promise we’ve made to ourselves, and test our strength to overcome the challenges.

It’s the last a few minutes to finish line test us; it’s the last a few pounds we want to loose test us; it’s the last a few pages of our report test us; it’s the last a few follow ups test us…

When you start something, you will finish it – whether it’s a success, a mediocre, a failure… you get to reach your finish line.

You just need hanging on there a little bit more.

Do you really know ‘Who you are’ ?

We are human being. We always search the answer for who I am.

Once we think we know who we are after soul searching. Have you had any thinking that you are still learning who you are?

Knowing who you are is a big achievement for the time being, as long as you know that the content of who you are is a moving target.

Because you are growing and discovering your potentials every day, what you knew who you are yesterday may have new additions today.

‘This is who I am’ can be used for justification, self defense sometimes. This will limit your growth.

So next time, when you tell yourself ‘this is who I am’, think it hard: is this really the case? Does this reflect my values? My believes? Can I give the benefit of doubt and leap forward once?

By doing this, you can enrich ‘who I am’ and know who you really by reflection.

Positive thinking… and?

You know positive thinking is crucial and important for your success.

Is positive thinking sufficient for your success? Do you need anything else?

Positive thinking is the first crucial step for your success. And you need more steps to be successful.

With the positive thinking, you will need be prepared for the bumpy roads ahead physically and emotionally.

You will need to have healthy body and mind to carry your positive thinking and energy through the journey.

Your journey can be an upward spiral, it has ups and downs with many turns. It calls for positive altitude, grit and stoic for your success.

Habit formation

To form a new habit can be challenging. This requires awareness, persistence, clarity, and stoic.

If you decide to form a new habit, you will need be clear why you want to have it, how to get there, what would be the result of it.

Early stage of starting a new habit can be exciting. You are pumped up and start your new journey.

The hard part is after you practice the habit for a little while, say, a month later. You may enter to a stage of sluggish, or confusion. Because this is where your old habit begins to fight with your new habit.

Your old habit may be stronger and nastier, you may lose your battle if you give up to your old “friend”. Or you can become tougher and clearly know what you want and where you wan to be, so you will head on the challenge, get bruises, sore muscles, and end up with new stronger muscles, therefore new habit.

When you decide to form a new habit, you have made an option to grow new muscles. Be prepared mentally and physically. You will be there.

Emotions are for actions…

When you are emotional, what would do?

Say, when you have various emotional situations: happy, excited, sad, angry, jealous, sympathetic, empathetic, fear… What would you do about them?

When Experiencing an Emotion it is a good signal for you to take action.

Emotions are telling you something about yourself. This is the best time to exam yourself and check what is going on inside and do something about it.

Usually emotions are reflecting either what’s going on is resonating with you or discords with your values and believes.

So, when you are emotional, it is the time to reflect again who are you, what you want?

Emotions are for you to take actions.