The most important connection

When we are on holidays, we all hope the weather is good for outdoor activities.

However, sometimes weather has her own plan.

We are in Jeju island for a vacation. It rains. We decide to go out anyway.

There are not many people at tourist site due to the rain obviously. Then I see this family of three generations: grandma, her daughter and son-in-law, and her two grandchildren.

The grandma holds an umbrella to cover her and her daughter who holding a young kid. The husband walks with other kid wearing rain coats hand in hand leading the way.

They are chatting, laughing cheerfully in the rain. Contrast to others seem in a hurry, they are no hurry at all.

If you have the connection with the most important people in your life, they are the whole world to you. Nothing else matters that much. Rain does not matter too much to the happily connected family.

How many the most connected moments do you have daily? Find them. Treasure them. Live in those moments.

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