Keep clam and strong in a dynamic world

We are living in a very dynamic world in many folds. One particular case is the spin caused by coronavirus originated from Wuhan, China,

Many people died because the infections and complications caused by coronavirus. The situation has become so sever that people in Wuhan are under quarantine, different places identified with positive infections worldwide are under quarantine… anyone comes from China needs to be quarantined fro two weeks before she can go out…

What are consequences of all these?

  • People in China are delayed to go to work, or work from home.
  • Universities, all schools are turning into online educations.
  • International companies manufacture products, parts or raw materials in China are not in their capacity for the planned production goals.
  • TXS had deep dive yesterday (biggest in ten years) because of the fear of spreading of coronavirus.
  • International supply chains are disrupted due to the quarantines in China.
  • Individuals in China have limited activities to have real time face to fact interactions, or even outdoor activities…
  • Some People outside of China become racists towards Chinese…

What a world are we living in?

We are living in an close connected world, fluid world, and vulnerable world.

The world becomes smaller, because we all interconnected. Any changes in one country will impact the activities in other countries.

The whole world is like a family. Any changes from a family member will cause others members to do something new or additional. Therefore, other members are changing too.

Changing is infectious. Changing is infinite.

A true calling for an individual is to be true to oneself, know who you are, what you want, whom do you want to become, and whom do you want to know…

When we know or seek to know who we are with an open mind, we are on the road for self liberation, freedoms. We accept changes, we adapt to changes, we make changes. Then we evolve.

The adaptability is the strongest skill. That’s why coronavirus can survive and caused so many death. We need adapt our capability to out-survive coronavirus, and we can, and we are.

No need for panic.

No need for complain.

We are strong. We have things to do.

We focus. We agile. We triumph.

Success is to do the best with what you have

SRAS-like virus originated from Wuhan is spreading in China now. As it’s the Spring Festival holiday season, most of the people in China are on holidays.

To control the spreading of the virus, everyone is encouraged to stay home, as public transportation has been cancelled in some of the cities.

I am visiting my parents in China and get home-bound because of the virus situation.

After four days, I started felt a little bit restless. And so are my parents.

What can I do to make my time with them more enjoyable?

We played some games. Then we started to chat… somehow I wanted to learn more about my parents, especially about my dad. This is because my mom said the other day that my dad has secrets. My mom learned one secret about my dad last year after they have been married for 57 years!

She thinks my dad has more secrets.

This certainly draws my attention. I became very curious and my dad is happy to share with me about his past.

I chatted with my dad this morning about his past: how did he change his jobs, what did he do for each position, what were the biggest challenges, how did he handle his challenges, what are his views on the Chinese history, and what is his believe, how did he deal with people having different capabilities…

I learned so much about my dad in a couple of hours than the last 30 years!

My dad never thought about how to be more successful in his whole life. He was assigned or appointed for each position by his organizations. However, for every single position he had, he always strived to do his best.

He had technology education. But he was appointed to be a young leader to do social management work because of his capabilities.

He had to learn everything from the scratch when he began to do the job – as we currently called public relations. He has innate talent for building up network and relationships. He worked hard to teach himself in theory and then taught others.

For each position he had, he was grounded to do his job with focus, with his principles and believes.

These are his secrets for success. And he is a successful man, respected by many.

Some secrets he told me are that he payed attention to his environment: what was the primary focus, what is more important, use storytelling to influence people.

My dad is a good story teller. He is very proud that he never asked others to write his speeches.

I told my parents that we should learn these stories about my dad years ago. They say, well, may be now is the better time because you appreciate them more.

I do appreciate these stories about my dad. I am very appreciative that I have such a wise, smart, diligent, kind and soft heart dad.

If I can summarize the biggest secret for my dad’s success, it is:

Do the best with what you have.

There is no overnight success, it is augmented progress makes so

We hear stories often that someone became success overnight. We wonder what makes them so success suddenly.

The real stories are that they have been working hard and smart for a long while, with ups and downs before they are successful.

One of the most important traits of the successful people is confidence. They are confident to do whatever it takes to pursue their goals, till get to their destination.

They make progress daily, take baby actions:

  • One step a day
  • One conversation a time
  • One connection at a time
  • One day, another day, another day…

The augmented progress adds up.

Just like moving one stone at a time, days and days later, stones form a mountain. And suddenly people see it, notice it.

Mountain can be formed from one stone at a time.

We need go to do the thing we get to do. We need see the client we get to see. We need make the call we get to see. That’s how we slowly build up our mountain, our momentum.

Momentums form our milestones, our small goals, big goals, then our success.

Start today, start small, as long as you start, you are getting closer to your success.

Do more essentials every day

Today someone asked me what are the 90 – 95% of my essentials in life? In another word, what are the 90-95% most important things in my life?

I as stumbled for a while before I can get some items out on a piece of paper.

He asked me another question, “What are the 5-10% nonessentials in your life?”

This took me a few minutes to get the answer.

These two questions are insightful.

By writing down the essentials and nonessentials, I have realized that I really need take time to recheck these periodically.

The most important things in my life are my essentials. How much attention and energy have I given to them? Do I also use 90-95% of my time and focus on them? How do I improve?

Realizing those nonessentials has made me realized that I have used too much of my time on them, way above 5-10% of my focus. I will need cut down my attention for those nonessentials.

Action for you:

  • Check your essentials and nonessentials in your life
  • Check how much time and energy you spent on each category
  • Put your 90-95% of your effort on your essentials and 5-10% of your effort on nonessentials
  • Come up with a action plan: what one thing can you do each day to increase your attention to your essentials by 1%? How long will you get to the point that you spend 90-95% of your energy on essentials?

By follow this action plan, I will invite you with me to begin the New Year – the New Century’s journey together!

Use your peak moments to create confidence

Do you remember the latest peak moment in your life?

Can you reflect what had happened during this memorable moment? How did this moment affected you?

I remember one of the peak moments happened to me in 2012. I was leading a multinational team for a conference call. The call went very well, beyond my expectation. The team was able to reach a decision after an engaged discussion.

I was hosting the conference. The whole experience always remind me that I was like a conductor of a symphony band. The whole band was so well understanding each other and so well prepared themselves. As a conductor, I was able to coordinate each extraordinary individual for them to be their best self. I am very proud of myself and the team.

This experience happened seven years ago. I still feel the moment. Whenever I go back to relive that moment, I always gain energy and confidence. And I know I can repeat the experience. I actually did repeat it.

See, there are four elements involved in a positive peak moment:

  1. Insights
  2. Elevated feeling
  3. Connection with others
  4. Pride

I would like you to reflect your peak moment when you feel lacking of confidence. You can use time travel experience going back to that moment.

Find a quiet place, image that you are at that peak moment. From that moment to see how can you use it for your NOW moment.

How can you create the elevated feeling, insight and connect with others, so that you are proud of yourself?

Hold that image and act on it.

The more courageous you are, the longer you can go

I have some successful friends. Quite a number of them have changed their career a few times, say five to seven times.

When I asked them what have made them to switch from one industry to another industry, or one field to another field, their answers including: freedom, intuition, following my heart…

None of them has mentioned that courage is the one that leads them to their success.

However, for every step of their way, for each career change during their journey, the courage is all over place.

  • They are brave to take a less travelled road – most of them have studied or worked overseas, not even thinking of the language and cultural challenges during this journey.
  • They are brave to change to a new field to learn from others, to try new things and take initiatives, not even thinking of the challenges of integration with new team, new boss, new culture and new politics.
  • They are brave to change their identities for any new jobs they do. They don’t want the past to define who they are. They build their new characters, they keep growing , discover their potentials and express them physically and vocally.

I am grateful to know and have this kind of friends in my life. They enrich my life. They make my life feel meaningful

All successful people have one common trait – they are courageous.

The more courageous you are, the more experience you can gain, the closer you become to your goals, the longer you can go on the road of your career.

Your success and your long career can be measured by the degree of your courage.

So I will challenge you:

  • if you want to one courageous thing today, what could it be?
  • If you will go off your comfort zone, what will you do?

~~ ~~

Another area of courage is about decision making.

When you decide to do something, what makes you to do so? Did you hear you are telling yourself to do so because you want to it, or you should do it, or something else?

When your vulnerabilities are exposed to the public, how do you take your next step? Will you make your steps based on your will, your should, or your could?

Successful people do things by telling or feeling themselves to get to do, will do. When “should” comes up, they will sit down and analyze where the should comes from.

~~ ~~

In Summary:

Courage is a choice.

Successful people choose to be courageous.

Courageous means you get to meet all challenges and joy all the way. Courageous means that you make your own decisions and own them

The more courageous you are, the longer you can go on your career.

A New Day

One of my best friends, Linda, comes to visit me.

I am very happy to see her, because she has something that is attractive to me, makes me excited and looking forward to seeing her.

Linda is a lifelong learner, with curiosity, sympathy and determination. She is a strong person, yet you will tell at first meeting with her. Because she speaks softly, with gentle smile and clear voice.

Linda is an Entrepreneur. She does consulting, executive coaching and training. She is also a public speaker.

To many women, Linda is a role model.

Linda has rich working experience. As an executive, she worked for multinational companies in various countries. She has in depth understanding corporate operation and culture.

With Linda’s visit, a New Day starts.

She brings a lot inspiration and encouragement to me.

A New Day is coming.

A toast to 2019

1. Successfully survived with many learning, experience and more connections.

2. Successful relocation.

3. More clear with who I am.

4. I appreciate all the people I have met in 2019. They are all my good teachers.

5. A year of growth in a hurry.

6. A year of confusion world wide politically, led by the UNited States. No more politics in 2020.

7. A year of yoga.

8. A of self care.

9. A year of reading.

10. A year of awaking.

1% better towards to your confidence

English is my second language.

I think my English is good. Yet I am not confident from time to time, especially when some native speakers do not understand what I say.

Today I was chatting with a few friends. When I mentioned there is trivia night in town, they could not understand what I said till I explained and said it the second time.

The problem was my pronunciation with the word trivia. I pronounced “i” in trivia like “ai” in like. That is confusing for them.

However, I don’t feel awkward to chat with them again no matter I make mistakes or not, because they are my friends I feel safe. And this helps me to improve my oral English

My confidence of speaking English shows through 1% better or a tiny bit progress. And this rule applies to my many areas of life.

My goal is to make a little bit progress – 1% better today than yesterday. I believe this tiny little step will compound over time. I will reach my milestones over time.

Successful people are not becoming success over night. Their success come though many hours of dedicated work and creativity.

10,000 hours of work can lead people to become an expert in one area. And every little tiny step adds up to 10,000 hours will turn you, me into a new person with more skills, experienced person.

We will discover our confidence, express the internal confidence through small steps.

1% better is the way to go.

The choices make us who we are

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you will get.

Someone said this to me long time ago. My interpretation was that our life is colorful, welcome whatever comes to your way.

But, today when this same saying comes to me again, I have new interpretation: we do have choices to choose which chocolates we want to eat.

We do have choices.

We can make our own choices in life.

Scenario one: We face challenges, losses, setbacks. We can choose to face them or to hide them

When we don’t allow ourselves to grieve our losses, wounds, and disappointments, we are doomed to keep reliving them. We do not set us free.

Freedom lies in learning to embrace what happened. Freedom means we muster the courage to dismantle “the prison”, brick by brick. To strengthen our muscles by facing our wounds and vulnerabilities.

Courage is a choice.

Scenarios two: In our daily life, we are hungry for approval, attention, affection. We are hungry for the freedom to embrace life and to really know and be ourselves.

Live a life with presence and appreciation is a choice.

There are many choices in life. We are driving the car of life. Life is beautiful, colorful and tasty. The choices we made become who we are.