Integrity and character

This boy was smart.

He was more clever than the kids in his village, as all the old villagers said. He believed that too and was proud of himself for that.

He got bored from time to time, as there was not much to play in the village.

One day, he shouted that a wolf came to the village. All villagers came out to kill the wolf. But there was no wolf.

He liked the attention he got from this fun play.

He played this game again one day. Villagers came out to kill the wolf. There was no wolf. So they went home.

The boy was played outside of his yard one late evening. He saw a wolf walked towards him. He shorted, cried for help.

But no villagers came.

You can fool people once, twice, but not three times.

Erne a trust takes a while. Destroy a trust takes one second. Maintain a trust needs life time practice.

Integrity and character are not associated with one’s smartness and success. However, without integrity and character it negates everything.

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