When you lead a change…

As a leader, you want to make a difference, you want to make a change.

A change you want to make starts within yourself. Only when you up to the change, you can make changes around you.

The author for the best book seller – The leadership gap, Lolly Daskal said, “Great leaders change the world around them. But I promise you, they start by changing what is within.

You want to make a change, become the change you want make first.

You will need to know yourself, who you are, your strength, your inspirations, your gaps to get where you want to be…

It is not easy to be on top of everything you do. As a matter of fact, it is impossible to be on top of everything you.

To be on top of a wave or with a wave, you will need to be open minded.

We are all changing every moment biologically – old cells in our body dying, and new cells at the same time growing. Our muscle cells grow in different speed from our skin cells, our hair cells, etc. In a similar way, for each change in our life it needs different time to take place. We get to be open to learn, to observe, to adapt and grow with each change.

When we stop learning, we stop leading.

When we can lead ourself, we can lead others.


A leader

You are a leader. I am a leader. We are all leaders one way or another.

A leader is someone brave, ploughing ahead with sweats and blood facing challenges.

A leader is someone tough, stoic and resilient, gets up and keeps going after falling down and failures.

A leader is someone vulnerable, not hiding her struggles and hurts.

A leader is someone sympathetic, opening her hands and hearts to accept others.

A leader is someone listening and watching others quietly, being there for them when need.

A leader is not someone who creates followers. A leader is someone who creates more leaders.

Leading is an act of generosity.

Leading is an act of kind.

Leading is an act for personal mastery.

The price for success

We want to do better, to be better, want to be successful.

We make goals, plans, draw our road maps, and figure out our passions.


Do you really set our mind for success?

If you do, have started your step one? Step two? Step three? … how long do you prepare to go to be successful?

Deciding and wanting is the key option for you to be really successful or not.

If you decide to be successful, then you get to decide to do whatever it takes to get there.

Someone said: “If you want success, figure out the price, then pay it.

If you want be successfully losing 20 pounds, figure out how much sweats you need, then do it.

If you want to run your own business, figure out what skills you need and hard work you get to do, then learn and do these.

If you want to have your boss’ position, figure out what skills you need to replace her, then learn and practice them.

There is no shortcut, but real work.

Creativity in your life

Creativity is not an abstract word, not a big word, not a dream.

A life with creativity is a life all about changes – you move forward, take chances, explore new frontiers.

The real risk in life is that you do not change.

To thrive in life, you can test all your dreams, your crazy plans, and be yourself.

There are always opportunities if you have tried enough. Each trial, wether is a success or small or big bump, brings you closer to your target. If you fall, you still fall forward, at least you have moved forward a body length.

Fall your calling down in your heart that keeps coming back hunting you to do something about it. Keep doing, keep trying, keep moving, these will break you free, open new territories, new exploration, and new you.

Therefore, you create a new life.

Creation is the blood stream of your life. It excite you, attract you, bring oxygen to your life.

Be ambitious. Be bold. Go big.

Don’t close your show.

Keep doing, keep creating.

Recharge yourself

You are ambitious.

You want to more. You want to learn more. You want to influence more. Your schedule is crammed with todos. You are burn out.

Now, you need a break to recharge.

You need to enjoy life, indulge yourself, satisfy your curiosity and relax. You need to keep your elasticity.

Recharge is to be ready for the next journey.

A better process is to space out your energy and focus, prioritize your todos, and focus on the process more than the results. Doing a little bit work every day.

“If you work a little bit something every day, you will end up with something that is massive.” — Kenneth Goldsmith

The process is more important than the results.

Life-long learner

Former CEO of PepsiCo Indra Nooyi is a life-long learner. She even went back to school for courses when she was CEO leading certain projects. She always takes any opportunity to learn and to read.

Schools and universities provide us knowledge and skills. The most important thing is that they provide us platforms to develop our thinking and ability for creation and innovation.

To keep abreast the fast world development, we need use our abilities to contribute and at the same time we will need to learn and therefore we grow.

If you stope learning, you actually will be lagging behind.

Just like, since the time you were born you start your life, like you start biking, you have to keep paddling to prevent falling from your bike.

Therefore, you get to be a life-long learner.

How much time do you make room for your learning monthly and yearly? How much you invest on your learning and read?

You can make a plan for your learning.

For example, you can make a plan to use 10% rule: 3% of your annual income + 7% of your time to invest on learning, networking, getting outside of your comfort zone.

Simple math:

  • Someone with $50K/annual income would invest $1500 in yourself for courses and books etc.
  • 168h/week x 7% = 12 h/week. 12h/week you will devote to reading, courses etc. so that the courses you spend from 3% income can help you to develop new skills.

Not everyone is suitable for this 10% rule, you can make your own rule that works for your pace and situation.

Life-long learning will provide your new skills, confidence, ability to discover your potential and grow stronger. Life-long learning is a sure way for your success and fulfilled self.


I am more aware of assumptions now than before.

This has two folds: I become more aware of my own assumptions when I talk to others and when I have a self talk.

These moments usually are the time when I have emotions – strongly against or for some things or some opinions. Therefore, I become realizing that I have assumptions or altitudes towards the situation. I have screwed up things in the past by allowing my emotions (assumptions) took control my life…

By realizing an assumption has helped me to see things differently, in others eyes, and give other the benefit of the doubt. Therefore, I have lived in a more peaceful mind, a happier mind.

“Assumption is the mother of all screw-ups”  – unknown

When next time you get emotional during a conversation, check what is going in your mind; when you have a conflict with someone, check where is the debating point. How many of them are assumptions from you or others?

Once you become aware of your assumptions, you will become sensible and smarter.

If you realize others’ assumption, you can either point it out or let it go. Because you can create millions of assumptions. The only way to know the truth of it is to test it. Without testing, an assumption is just an assumption, it will not get you any where.

Get real,

Test it,

Live truly.

We don’t need screwups and assumptions if we don’t have to.