Sing a song

You sing songs.

Songs have high, low, plat notes, and pauses. The combinations of these elements make a song so beautiful, so touching, so memorable…

our life just like a song.

Success, failure, struggles in between, happiness, sadness, boring… all of these are notes in your music.

Even when we feel our life is on hold, it is just like a pause in a song.

They all will come and pass.

And the combination of all of the moments in your life creates the songs in your life. It is your choice how to make each song in your life. It is your decision how to sing each song.

Signs of change

Autumn arrives.

She signals us she is here by changing tree leaves’ colors and blowing cool air. She sheds tree leaves by telling us her progress of changes.

What are your signals when you are making progress and changes?

Do you notice what is going on in your mind? How do you talk to others? Do you do anything differently from before?

Do you intentionally change your habit and do something new?

Serendipity does not happen randomly. It is a sign of change. It is the place where prepared mind meets the opportunity, it is the place where she signals that change is coming.

Ups and downs

We have ups and downs in life. This is normal. And these ups and downs are temporary.

Even though when we are at the down turn, it feels painful, like forever, and this all will pass.

It is key for us to keep leveled during these turns and waves. We need to live our life. If we look forward down the road in five, ten years of time, we know the down turns should be all passed and over by then.

The difficulty is to keep looking forward without being buried in the setbacks. To keep a promising mind, a positive altitude, and curiosity towards to life,

Difficulties, setbacks and shall be passed. They are temporary.

A success is temporary, just like failure.

Our life is forever, as long as we live.

Enjoy both ups and downs.

In a Daze…

You sometimes are in a daze. I am too.

I used to feel guilty of doing nothing, just in a daze…

Then I find that in a daze actually can help me to relax, expand myself in a way, because after a daze I usually feel more energized and easy to handle more things.

We also need sometime to take a break, in a daze a bit to reflect, gain self consciousness, stretch our space.

When we have more space, we can breath more easily, calm and happier.

Life needs us to be in a daze a bit from time to time.

Take Preventive measures

You are sick. You go to doctor for treatment.

Disaster happens, you take measures to make up the damages.

There is a better way to go through treatment for illness or take a setback to reduce damages.

This is to take preventive measures.

For your health, you don’t want to depend on medicines and surgeries to get yourself healthier. You need put your physical well being as one of your daily priorities. Take time to exercise. Take time for mental recharge. Take time for mind renewals.

To reduce any potential disasters, you need to do your homework, build up your foundations, stock necessary knowledges or skills or financial supports before hand. Only then, you will have foods to eat when you are stuck in a cell. You can work for something else when your company is shut down.

Prevention gives you more freedoms, less harm, healthier life style.

Take preventive measures. It’s never too late.

Simply being

Some days you need simply find a place and being there to observe yourself and listen to yourself.

You can close your eyes, like doing a meditation, find a comfortable place sit down for just five minutes.

Observe what comes to your mind, your emotion, how does you body feel, what do you hear…

Let everything come and go the way they like, naturally, don’t fight with them.

Notice any sensations come from your body and feel them, not press them.

Simply being there for yourself.

Simply being is a way to recharge and relax yourself. Do it when you feel like.

The other self

Sometimes we are swamped by our daily engagements and obligations. We loose ourselves.

If you step out your body mentally and look at yourself – the other self, you may get insights on how to deal with your situations.

You can look the other self, how does she look like? Is she happy? Is she tied, sad, lost, curious, alert…?

What do you want to say to the other self?

What do you think the other self wants?

What do you want the other self look like? What do you want her to do?

What will she feel if you tell her what you observe, what you think of her?

Try these exercises sometime to yourself when you feel loosing yourself somewhat, or you want to figure out something.

We make progress by doing tests and exercises. To know yourself better is the primary task of your life.