Your number one competitor

Who is your number one competitor?


You are your number one competitor. No body else is your competitor, period.

If you can win the competitions, such as put it off for another day self, lying on bed for a little bit longer self, I can do this tomorrow, I can start it another day… you will be the winner.

We very often compare ourself with others, and admire other’s achievements. Many times we compare our shortcomings with somebody’s strength. There is no comparison for this. And you, like everyone else, have your strength, which is unique to you.

As long as you grow a little bit today, learn something today, have brought some insights to your life and your community, you are a better self today than yesterday’s self.

Other’s backyard is not greener. Your backyard has diamonds yet to be discovered. Live your life to your best, not live a life according to other’s standards.

As long as you are doing better things by being a better person, you are competitive.

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