Be a good person first

To be a successful person, to run a successful business, the first thing is to be a good person.

A good person is someone ethical – with integrity, kindness, and accountability first.

A person with ethics is someone trustworthy.

She admits her mistakes and knows her strength.

She commits to her promises with heart and sweats.

She simplifies things and is generous to give others her time, energy.

She is kind to make things clear to others, including her critics and compliments. This is kind in action.

Be a good person, you will attract other good people. Your good deeds will spill over to your life and career. A good life and good career are the consequences of being a good person.


The ultimate goal in your life

What is the ultimate goal in your life?

I remember a story goes like this: a young man saw a fisherman lying on a beach enjoying sunshine. He came over said to the fisherman: “Why don’t you go fishing? Now it’s the season. You can make a lot of money.”

“What do you make lots of money for?” The fisherman asked.

“I make a lot of money so that I can retire early to enjoy my life.” The young man said.

“I am enjoying my life already. Why do I need to make more money?” The fisherman answered.

Pause a second here. Think what the fisherman said.

It can reasonably say that the ultimate goal in life is to maximize your total lifetime experience of happiness, to enjoy life.

To enjoy life, you get to take care of yourself first. You also get to treat others well in order to enjoy life, because you live in a community, a society.

A happiness formula may include:

  • Eat right

  • Exercise

  • Get good sleep

  • Have unfailing dreams

  • Pursue your freedom

  • Always learn something new

  • Simplify your life
  • Help others whenever you can

When you are happy, you make people around you happy. When people around you happy, they sustain your happiness. This is the cycle of life.

Happiness can be contagious. It’s the ultimate goal in life.

Value is the focus for your life and business

We are born with values.

Values are the reasons why we exist, why we are whom we are, why we live our life, why we do what we do daily.

You are successful when you demonstrate a high value to the society, to your community, to others.

When you focus on express your values, you live a rich life, a colorful life, a magnetic life. You’ll be more connected, attractive and impactful to others.

The same principle applies to a business operation.

A business exists, because it has products and service people need. And value is the reason for those products and services to exist in the marketplace. Focusing on value can help your business sustainable. Every company is in business to fulfill a need, to provide a value – plain and simple.

Value is the focus of your life and your business.

Real-time response, simultaneity = business

Nowadays, technology has developed so much. It interrupts our daily activities.

If we surf on a site checking for a movie or TV show or a particular content and can’t find the one we’d like to watch, we’d rather watch a lesser show in real time than wait two days for something better, or to pay for that.

Simultaneity trumps quality.

Real-time books, ditto.

Timely serve your customers is the key to earn your business.

Technology has changed the platform on how to do business, how to communicate with each other. Timely response is very crucial for your business.

One connection at a time

What is the number one important thing in our life?


We live in a society, in a community, in a family. We are social animals. No one lives in vacuum.

Only when we have good relationships with people around us, with surroundings, we feel happy. We can get support. We feel connected.

Therefore, get connections and build relationships are essential for having a quality life.

It’s tricky to connect people. This needs you to get under people’s skin, have empathy, produce influence. This takes time to learn, practice. But it’s totally worthy it.

Be patient. Build one connection at a time. Over time, these connections are becoming a net. As the net becomes bigger, you grow stronger.

Do my best…

I hear people saying “do my best” very often. Actually I used to say this very often as well.

Then one day, I suddenly realized that when I said “do my best” I was trying to use it as a shield – which gave me a shelter for hiding.

Because when I said “do my best” people left me alone. There is no measurement for “do my best”, therefore I could goof around, did not care the consequence of my behaviors. I could hide from my inaction and incapability. And it also could become my excuse when I failed to accomplish something.

So be careful when you say do my best next time.

And also check whoever says do my best.

“Do my best” works for people with motivation, ambition, and goal-minded people. “Do my best” works with creditable people. “Do my best” works in a context of common understanding of the ground rules. “Do my best” works for the people embracing the same culture.

You also can breath and give others’ benefit of doubt when they say this… Do my best is pleasant to hear after all!

To be kind

Confucius said that Human nature is kind… this statement has impacted many generations.

To be kind is one of the doctrines my parents and school teachers told me when I was young. Therefore, to some extent, I think to be kind is in a personal level for a long long time.


It is interesting to know that today some companies have To be kind as one of the ground rules of their operation. The rule of To be kind has huge positive implication for their employees.

  • To be kind empowers employees to be their best because their employers are kind;
  • To be kind gives people room to grow when their fellows and bosses allow them to make mistakes;
  • To be kind increases people’s empathy when they see themselves from others as their mirror;
  • To be kind increases trust and connects people, makes team work more efficient;
  • To be kind makes ourselves happier because we make others happy…
  • The companies set up To be kind as one of their rules will attract people alike. Like-minded people will form a positive atmosphere for people working there. Therefore, a positive cycle forms. I want to know more companies having this rule.
  • To be kind is a nature in human.