The ultimate goal in your life

What is the ultimate goal in your life?

I remember a story goes like this: a young man saw a fisherman lying on a beach enjoying sunshine. He came over said to the fisherman: “Why don’t you go fishing? Now it’s the season. You can make a lot of money.”

“What do you make lots of money for?” The fisherman asked.

“I make a lot of money so that I can retire early to enjoy my life.” The young man said.

“I am enjoying my life already. Why do I need to make more money?” The fisherman answered.

Pause a second here. Think what the fisherman said.

It can reasonably say that the ultimate goal in life is to maximize your total lifetime experience of happiness, to enjoy life.

To enjoy life, you get to take care of yourself first. You also get to treat others well in order to enjoy life, because you live in a community, a society.

A happiness formula may include:

  • Eat right

  • Exercise

  • Get good sleep

  • Have unfailing dreams

  • Pursue your freedom

  • Always learn something new

  • Simplify your life
  • Help others whenever you can

When you are happy, you make people around you happy. When people around you happy, they sustain your happiness. This is the cycle of life.

Happiness can be contagious. It’s the ultimate goal in life.


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