Pressure and step one

You feel pressure. You feel it so strong that may become depressed some what.

However, the most effective way to let the pressure go away slowly or quickly is to face it.

Find your pressure.

Your pressure is the area where you can develop further, very likely.

Start step one to do the very thing that your pressure is coming from. Even the first step is to walk to someone, drive to somewhere, write the first sentence of your essay…

They will make a difference for you.


The most difficult forgiveness is the one you give yourself.

You may be hard on yourself, critical to yourself, or even frustrated at yourself not meeting other’s judgments.

These can happen to you, to me, and to everyone, because we are all human.

The wise and healthy way to face the situations is to forgive yourself.

You are not perfect.

However, you are who you are. You can do better. You are living your true self.

Your presence itself is perfect. It is the very reason you live the way you want. It is the very reason why you are you, not someone else. It is the very reason you are loved by yourself, by others.

Forgive yourself.

Love yourself more.

Live your true self.

Lost in interpretation

Am American first time travelled to the Netherlands. He went to a restaurant for dinner and ordered a beer.

Waitress gave a bottle of beer.

“Can you open the bottle for me?” He to her when she turned around to leave.

“Can’t you open your own beer?” She shouted it back.

He thinks Dutch are too direct and somewhat not polite.

She thinks people should be independent and do things they can on their own.

A Chinese learns the story, she thinks Dutch is somewhat rude and has bad service in the restaurant.

No one is wrong in their opinions. Without understanding the context, the culture, things got lost in the interpretation.

You heard that culture eats strategy for breakfast.

Know the culture is the key to understand a situation.

Ask and get

A baby is crying. She is crying for milk, she is hungry.

The young couple quickly prepare the milk for her and feed her. She stops crying and drinks her milk. She smiles at her mom and waves her hands happily.

A baby know what she wants and asks for it. Therefore, she gets what she asks for. And she becomes happy for getting she wants.

We adults frustrate because we are not clear for what we want.

Once we know what we want, we will ask for that, then we have a good chance we will get it, which makes us fulfilled and happy.

Find what you want at the first place.

To be heard

My husband and I are going for a market plaza in Jeju island.

When we are getting closer, we can hear loud music and recorded shouting selling voices. Many small stalls owners are competing for consumers attention to get business.

After passing through a few noisy stalls stretches, we see along a few other stretches the stalls are much quieter and pleasant. These small vendors have displayed their goods nicely and attractively.

You see, to be heard does not mean to the loudest one.

To be heard is to find the right audience and serve them whole heartily.

To be heard is to show your strength and display it in a right way – the way your customers like and accept.

The key to be heard is to know your audience and your customers.

The resistance for taking off

Planes always take off against the wind. It is the resistance that planes need for taking off from the ground and climb into the sky.

If you want to make a change, want to do something different, want to learn a new skill, you need to go against the resistance – lazy, pain, self doubt, uncomfortableness, vulnerability.

Only when you head on with your resistance, you will make progress, gain new experience, know how far you can fly.

Resistance is an indicator that you are on the right track to develop yourself further. Know your resistance, go against it to take off.