Do the job

My parents got a nanny through an agency one month ago. Her job is to cook meals, do cleaning and some daily chores.

My mom has been teaching her where things about, how things work in the house, and even how to cook meals.

One month has passed. The nanny went away for a few days for holidays.

My mom told me today earlier she needs a new nanny.

Because this nanny does not pay attention to what my mom tells her. She could not remember how to cook the same meal after my mom taught her and did with her three times.

It does not matter what job you do, a nanny, a nurse, or a CEO, you need do your job.

Do the job. Do it well.

Otherwise, you do not serve the value the job calls for. And you are not deserved the job title.

We deliver and give, in order to receive. This is how the reciprocity works.

Ask and get

A baby is crying. She is crying for milk, she is hungry.

The young couple quickly prepare the milk for her and feed her. She stops crying and drinks her milk. She smiles at her mom and waves her hands happily.

A baby know what she wants and asks for it. Therefore, she gets what she asks for. And she becomes happy for getting she wants.

We adults frustrate because we are not clear for what we want.

Once we know what we want, we will ask for that, then we have a good chance we will get it, which makes us fulfilled and happy.

Find what you want at the first place.

To be heard

My husband and I are going for a market plaza in Jeju island.

When we are getting closer, we can hear loud music and recorded shouting selling voices. Many small stalls owners are competing for consumers attention to get business.

After passing through a few noisy stalls stretches, we see along a few other stretches the stalls are much quieter and pleasant. These small vendors have displayed their goods nicely and attractively.

You see, to be heard does not mean to the loudest one.

To be heard is to find the right audience and serve them whole heartily.

To be heard is to show your strength and display it in a right way – the way your customers like and accept.

The key to be heard is to know your audience and your customers.

The resistance for taking off

Planes always take off against the wind. It is the resistance that planes need for taking off from the ground and climb into the sky.

If you want to make a change, want to do something different, want to learn a new skill, you need to go against the resistance – lazy, pain, self doubt, uncomfortableness, vulnerability.

Only when you head on with your resistance, you will make progress, gain new experience, know how far you can fly.

Resistance is an indicator that you are on the right track to develop yourself further. Know your resistance, go against it to take off.

Why do we read?

I like reading.

I read every day.

If I do not read for one day, my mind knows it. If I do not read for two days, my body knows it. If I do not read for three days, my husband knows it. If I do not read for four days, people working with me know it.

Read for me is a type of meditation. Reading is the time for me to recharge. Reading is the time I communicate with my mind.

Without reading, in the garden of mind weeds may start to grow. Reading keeps the weeds in my mind at the bay, and keeps my mind peaceful and cheerful.

Why do you read? What does reading make you feel?

We read to enrich our mind, body and soul.

A good book not only teaches us new knowledge, it also elicits our internal drives, potentials, and wants. A good book is a good friend, a coach, a resources that we can know more who we are.

Go with the wind

We face many things a day.

We have to make over 60,000decisions daily.

If only we are clear what the top a few decisions for us, we can live a more peaceful and joyful life.

Among the top decisions, those flow with the wind require less energy and give us relative competitive advantages.

Pick those decisions, flow with the wind.

You have better chance to be able to accomplish those goals, better chance to be successful.

The tricky part is to know the direction of the wind – know your environment, know your context, know the culture may affect your decision.

Then, go with the wind.

Let it go

I have had two busy weeks, while still taking an online course.

The course is for four weeks. Obviously I could not complete all assignments from the course due to my work engagements.

I am getting anxious…

Then I noticed the moment I felt the pressure from the course, I had back aching. My body has started to send warning and tell me slowing down.

Yes, I know the signal from my back aching already. My body is smart. I need to do something about this warning sign.

What would be the worst if I could not finish my assignments from this course? How much I have learned from the course by far? If I rush to do the assignment for the sake of completion, would it be good for my learning?

What would be my ultimate goal of learning? Can I keep my learning after the course’s ending?

Which is more important? Is My happiness or to please the course? Who is the course after all? …

I choose to please my body.

This has made the difference. I am a better person to the people around me. I am a better person today than who I was yesterday. I am living my life.